My mission is to build powerful, developer-friendly, reasonably-priced data exploration tools to small businesses and startups.

Your data is one of your company's most valuable assets. It's the foundation of your technology, it helps you and your team make decisions, and it likely represents a disproportionate amount of your company's enterprise value.

Sophisticated tools that let you leverage your data are prohibitively expensive. They require you to sign a contract. They lock you into their platform. BI suites require extensive onboarding and training for your team. I believe these practices are unnecessary, and in fact are hindering the widespread usage of powerful data tools.

Accessibility & Consistency. I want you and your team to always know where to go to get data to answer your questions and make your decisions. You should expect your data to be provided in a consistent format.

Speed & Security. You need your data, and you need it now. You need to know your data is secure, with the best technology the industry has to offer.

Authority & Usability. I want your data to be the one, authoritative place to go when you want your questions answered. I want your data explorations to be a fun experience, requiring minimal training. You're the subject matter expert for your business - your data tools should respect that.

Before QueryClips, I was co-founder and CTO at Bloc for 6 years - the world's first, largest, and best online developer bootcamp. At Bloc, I built the technology stack that allowed the company to use data to help thousands of students launch new technical careers.

Dave Paola Founder

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