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Data sharing for savvy developers

Get your query results out of your database and into the hands of your colleagues.

Data, not SQL

Tell your story with data

QueryClips was built so you can rapidly get your teammates the actionable insights they need to make decisions.

Fast and easy

Give your team the data they need

Share & Export

Export query results to CSV, JSON, Excel, or Google Sheets. Share unique QueryClips URLs with colleagues.

Access Control

Set permissions on each QueryClip: accessible to the public, protected within your organization, or private to you.

Bring your own database

QueryClips was designed to support both Postgresql and MySQL databases for maximum compatibility.

As a newbie to SQL, I use QueryClips for more than just sharing data. I use it to bookmark SQL snippets, for throwaway explorations, and to send myself recurring reports.

Product Manager

We migrated away from Heroku and needed a developer-friendly alternative to dataclips. QueryClips let us pick up where we left off, and even added some extra features.

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