Data sharing for savvy PMs and developers.

Get your query results out of your database and into the hands of your colleagues.

Give your team the data they need.

What's included?


Share query results

Type your query, see your results in table format. Send data to colleagues by inviting them to QueryClips or by sharing a unique URL.


Export your data

Push query results into third party services via CSV or JSON. Create a linked Google Sheet to share with colleagues, add to a presentation, or build a dashboard. QueryClips saves these exports so you don't have to.

Access control

Access control

Use your native database users to prevent accidents. Set permissions on each QueryClip: accessible to the public, protected within your organization, or private to you.

Unlimited dbs

Unlimited databases

Connect as many databases as you need. QueryClips currently supports PostgreSQL and MySQL, with more on the way.

Screenshot track users

Automatically track your user growth

Apply our ever-growing library of data patterns to your business to save time.

Bring your own database

QueryClips is compatible with your managed database provider


SQL Compatible

Your data may live in multiple places, or you may need to share data from several different applications. QueryClips integrates with industry-standard databases.

And, we're adding new integrations every day.

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Your data is secure



QueryClips encrypts your database credentials securely with industry standard 128-bit AES encryption, and transmits all queries and data using SSL if your database server supports it.


Read Only

All queries are run inside read-only transactions. This way, you won't accidentally update your database or cause unwanted data loss.

Customer Testimonials


"We migrated away from Heroku and needed a developer-friendly alternative to dataclips. QueryClips let us pick up where we left off, and even added some extra features."

Matt F

Software Engineer


"I use Queryclips for 100% of my company's reporting. Financial numbers, customer retention, ad spend, you name it. It just works."

Jared T



"As a newbie to SQL, I use QueryClips for more than just sharing data. I use it to bookmark SQL snippets, for throwaway explorations, and to send myself recurring reports."

Maggie L

Product Manager


"QueryClips has completely replaced Heroku Dataclips for us. And, it was the only tool of its caliber that our security team approved."

Tim R

Web Developer

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